What's the class name for a Scala object to use in a Log4J configuration file?

This bamboozled me a little bit just now and surprisingly I couldn't find anything online, so I wrote this up. Given:

object MyObject {
    val Log = Logger.getLogger(getClass);

What's the fully qualified classname that you should use in a Log4J configuration?


Posted on 25 February 2016.

Dual signing with osslsigncode

The recent deprecation of the use of SHA1 derived digital certificates for Windows 7 and later has meant that software developers need to begin signing their software using one of the SHA2 algorithms (e.g. SHA256).

The trouble is that older versions of Windows don't support SHA2. The workaround is to dual sign, but it's not immediately clear how to do this with osslsigncode. Here's how I worked it out!


Posted on 10 February 2016.

Lessons from attending High End 2015

I've just attended Munich High End 2015, a huge audiophile event. The exhibition gathers leading speaker, amp, DAC, music server, speaker cable, furniture and related manufacturers and takes over Munich's MOC exhibition halls.


Posted on 23 October 2015.

A first attempt at an OpenBEM 3 assessment

This evening I've spent a surprisingly enjoyable time inputting all my house measurements, U values etc into OpenBEM v3. OpenBEM is an open source building energy model based on SAP 2012. It is implemented and hosted over at emoncms.org.


Posted on 28 March 2015.

A little bit of flash mentoring

I've had a wake up call: get on the phone and talk to people!


Posted on 06 January 2015.

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